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Save time - go home early!

Find scripts that automate a bunch of tasks

Run them in our super easy to use web app


Search our Marketplace for time saving scripts. Create your own, share them by email or maintain a central repository.


Fire up the web app in your browser, paste in the install code and the script will be downloaded to your workstation.


Click Run. Boring repetitive task is executed. Go home early.

nimbleScript Application

An open source app and browser based interface for creating, installing, publishing, and running your time saving scripts.

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nimbleScript Marketplace

Find ready to use time saving scripts that automate all sorts of tasks.

Publish your own - for free or for profit. Share your creations with others.

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Quick Start


Download nimbleScript for Windows, Mac, or Linux. There are bundles that come with a bunch of scripts for specific groups such as Balsamiq users.



Launch the nimbleScript app and start playing.

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Head on over to the marketplace and find more time saving scripts.

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